Jiska Peper

j.s.peper [at] fsw.leidenuniv [dot] nl


is an assistant professor and studying the contribution of pubertal development and sex steroid hormones (e.g., testosterone, estradiol) to brain structure and impulsive and aggressive behavior in adolescents and young adults. Specifically, she focuses on how sex steroid hormones shape the adolescent brain in terms of brain morphology (i.e., the size and shape of certain brain regions) and structural connectivity (i.e., the integrity of white matter connections between self-control and reward-related brain regions). In her research, she combines neurobiological (sMRI, DTI) and endocrinological (sex steroid hormones) measures with behavioral measures of impulsivity and aggression. She is currently one of the principal investigators involved in the Braintime study, a large-scale longitudinal study on the contribution of brain structure/ functioning and pubertal hormones to the cognitive, emotional and social functioning of adolescents. In 2010, Jiska was awarded a Veni grant from the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research.

Jiska is founder of Science2share.nl, a company which aims to make scientific knowledge in the fields of (developmental) psychology and neurosciences accessible for a wide audience: www.science2share.nl



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