Merel Spaander

merel [dot] spaander [at] student.uva [dot] nl

Merel is a second-year master student Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Neuropyschology, she found herself more interested on the neuroscientific side than the clinical side of psychology. The research master has particularly raised her interest in fundamental neural changes that are either causing or the consequence of psychological disorders. In July 2018, she graduated from her master in Health Law, a master that offered more social relevance and actualities with regard to health care. For her last research project, she was eager to find a project that combines both psychology and law with her current master. She is happy to assist the longitudinal project that examines adolescents that have had a run-in with the law on a younger age. Since the results of this project could be of relevance for legal practice, she hopes to find out whether this type of research is an interesting opportunity for the juridical future. Also, she particularly likes to work with fMRI data and learn more about analysis of neuroscientific data.