Kayla Green

k.h.green [at] uu [dot] nl

Kayla Green is a research master student at Utrecht University. She has a strong interest in the puzzling relationship between brain and behavior. After obtaining her Bsc Psychology in 2015, she decided to combine the research master Neurosience & Cognition with a clinical master in Neuropsychology. In July 2017 she graduated in the latter master. In December 2015 she started her first research internship in the labs of Prof. Louk Vanderschuren and Prof. Leon Kenemans, which was a multidisciplinary project on the age-related differences in the behavioural and neurobiological mechanisms underlying heavy alcohol use in adolescents versus adults. At the end of a six-month internship at the departments of neurology and geriatrics at the hospital in Spijkenisse, Kayla was eager to gain more knowledge about the ‘adolescent brain’ as opposed to the ‘elderly brain’. She grew a particularly interest in ‘typical’ behaviour that is seen during adolescence and the way this is related to the development of neural structures and neural connections. In the Brain and Development Research Center, she will assist in the longitudinal fMRI-study on self-concept, and additionally write a thesis on this subject with a focus on directed vs. reflective self-evaluation. She is currently also working as a research assistant in the lab of Prof. Louk Vanderschuren at Utrecht University with key figures Dr. Heidi Lesscher and Dr. Janna Cousijn (UvA).