Roos Voorvaart

r.e.voorvaart [at] fsw.leidenuniv [dot] nl

Roos Voorvaart is a research assistant at the Brain and Development Recearch Center. She studied Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam and obtained her Brain and Cognitive Sciences research master’s degree in 2019. During her studies, she investigated various topics, ranging from the implications of radiotherapy on cognition in a clinical population, to the effect of semantic knowledge and infant scene viewing. For her final thesis, she investigated the effect of peer presence on prosocial behavior. During her research master, Roos also participated in a selective consultancy minor – the Tesla minor – in which she learned how to use her academic skills outside of science with the aim to bridge the gap between science and society.  As a research assistant, Roos is currently helping with a study of the University Leiden in association with the University of Amsterdam and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, concerning peer influence and risk taking in children with ADHD. Additionally, related to her interests in science communication, she also manages the incoming applications for symposia, congresses, and workshops within the Brain and Development Research Center.