Laura Steinmann

laura.steinmann [at] gmail [dot] com

Laura is a second-year research master student in Developmental Psychology at Leiden University. Over the past years she has become increasingly interested in the development of the adolescent brain and it’s relation to adolescents’ social environments. She joined the Brain and Development Research Center in the summer of 2014 after her bachelor project, during which she got to work on an EEG-study. For one and a half year Laura assisted Dr. Kiki Zanolie with the continuation of this study, looking at the developmental effects of peer interaction on social rejection and risk taking. For her master thesis, supervised by Laura van der Aar, she is looking at the neural relations between self-concept and self-esteem. Furthermore, Laura is currently assisting Dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde and Bianca Westhoff in their projects on the neurodevelopment of social learning.