Iris Koele

iris_j_koele [at] hotmail [dot] com

Iris is a third-year research master student, who combines the research master Developmental Psychology with the clinical master Child and Adolescent Psychology at Leiden University. She is especially interested in the social development of (a)typically developing children and adolescents in relation to their brain development. In Fall 2016 she did a research internship in the Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab at the University of Oregon, where she helped with a longitudinal fMRI study (Teen Decisions Study) about the social influences on risk-taking behavior in adolescents involved in foster care. In Spring 2017 she did her thesis on the longitudinal fMRI study about self-concept development in the Brain and Development Research Center, in which she focused on self-conflict development. Currently, she works as a student assistant in the lab and helps out with various fMRI studies. In addition, she is doing a clinical internship in child and adolescent psychology at HCO (Haags Centrum voor Onderwijsadvies) in The Hague.