• Brain and Development Lab, Eveline Crone

Niko Steinbeis




Niko Steinbeis is an assistant professor at the Institute of Psychology of Leiden University. He received his PhD in 2008 with summa cum laude from the University of Leipzig in which he examined the extent of semantic communication in music using neuroscientific methods. He then moved to Zuerich for his first post-doc with Tania Singer at the Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems studying the development of social and affective judgment and decision-making. In 2010 he joined the Department of Social Neuroscience of Max-Planck Institute in Leipzig first as Senior Researcher and in 2014 as Group Leader for social developmental neuroscience. His interests are primarily in the neurocognitive mechanisms of change in child development. Currently he is focusing his endeavours on specifying interactions between the developing brain and environmental impact using controlled experimental paradigms. He hopes that such an approach can provide insight into the fascinating question of sensitive periods in development.