• Brain and Development Lab, Eveline Crone

Margot Schel




Margot is a postdoc in the Brain & Development Research Center. She received her PhD in 2015 from Leiden University. In her PhD project, supervised by prof. Eveline Crone, she investigated the development of intentional inhibition, using neuroimaging and heart rate measures. In September 2014, she started her first postdoc period at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden where she worked together with prof. Torkel Klingberg. For her research focused on the neural mechanisms underlying the development of human cognition, and specifically the relationship between nonverbal reasoning and mathematical abilities, she was awarded a Rubicon grant by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). In November 2016, Margot joined the Brain & Development Research Center for a second postdoc period. She will work together with dr. Niko Steinbeis on the training of self-control in children.