Bianca Westhoff

b.westhoff [at] fsw.leidenuniv [dot] nl

Bianca finished the Research Master Psychology at the University of Amsterdam in May 2016, where she specialized in brain development and cognition. For her master thesis she was involved in a large longitudinal fMRI study (BRAINTIME), and studied developmental changes in resting-state functional connectivity across adolescence.
In November 2016 she started her PhD project on the development of adaptive social learning in adolescence, supervised by Dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde and Prof. Eveline Crone. This project is part of the ORA (Open Research Area) Grant, and is in collaboration with Dr. Wouter van den Bos (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin) and Prof. dr. Essi Viding (University College London, London).