Michelle Achterberg

M.Achterberg [at] fsw.leidenuniv [dot] nl

Michelle completed her master in Neuroscience & Cognition at Utrecht University in 2014. During the first year of her master program, Michelle worked in the NICHE-lab in the UMC Utrecht, where she studied structural brain connectivity in children with ADHD and Autism. During the second year of her studies she studied resting state connectivity in children between 8 and 25 years in the Brain and Development lab. In September 2014 Michelle started her PhD project in the Brain and Development lab, which is part of the ‘Consortium Individual Development’ study funded by the gravitation grant of NWO. The focus of this project is ‘why some children thrive, and others don’t’. In this project, Michelle will focus on the neural correlates of aggression regulation in childhood and emerging adolescence, under supervision of Prof. Dr. Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Prof. Dr. Eveline Crone and Dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde.