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July 2017: Science Agenda Starting Incentive for Eveline Crone and Berna Güroğlu

Eight major scientific consortia are to receive research investment funding from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). One of the consortia is lead by Eveline Crone, and will focus on optimal conditions for learning and the safety of young people. The consortium includes four sub projects, one of which - focused on social relations and social exclusion - to be lead by Berna Güroğlu. The consortium aims to convert knowledge into practical innovations.

The consortium is in line with paths set out in the National Science Agenda (NWA). This agenda contains questions on which the Dutch science field will focus particular attention in the near future. These questions have been distilled from 12,000 questions that were submitted by the general public. Click here to read more about the consortia and here to learn more about the project lead by Berna Güroğlu.