• Brain and Development Lab, Eveline Crone

Labmeetings season 2016-2017

Labmeetings take place at 10:00 am  

Red indicates cancelled meetings.


For further information: m.g.n.bos@fsw.leidenuniv.nl

5B14 6-9-2016 Rosa Li  The development of neural network connectivity
5B14 20-9-2016 Sarah Burke Functional neuroimaging studies with gender dysphoric and transgender participants


Thao  Adolescent Romantic Relationship
SA29 11-10-2016 David Lydon  “Who Are Those "Risk-Taking Adolescents?": Considering between-person differences in sensation-seeking during a developmental period of normatively heightened sensation-seeking.
5B14 18-10-2016 Herfstvakantie
1A03 25-10-2016 Marieke Brain development and depression 
SA29 1-11-2016 Lisa  Longitudinal changes in reward sensitivity across adolescence
SA29 15-11-2016 Sabine  Striatal activity and learning performance in adolescence
1A03 29-11-2016 Ryan Muetzel Population-based neuroimaging: structural and functional aspects of brain development and psychopathology in children 
5A19 12-12-2016 Loes Keijsers Unmuddling longitudinal modeling. Isolating within-person developmental processes from stable confounders
5B14 13-12-2016 Lara Beyond mean sex differences in the developing Brain.
5B14 10-1-2017 Michelle  Heritability in childhood resting state connectivity: a twin study
5B14 24-1-2017 VNOP  
1A33 7-2-2017 Sibel

Multiple social rewards in adolescents and young adults: The validation of the Dutch SRQ and developmental insights

1A33 21-2-2017 Renske

Self-concept development across adolescence: first results of Zelfbeeld T1

  28-2-2017 Neeltje Navigating through an uncertain world: Insights from behavioral and neuroimaging data on risk and ambiguity processing 
1A33 7-3-2017 Elseline  
5B14 21-3-2017 Cancelled  
5B14 4-4-2017 Cancelled  
5B14 18-4-2017 Jochem  Prosocial Patterns
5B14 25-04-2017 Laura Breekjaar: Opzet & Planning
1A33 2-5-2017 Cancelled  
  9-5-2017 Mara  Prosocial behavior in middle childhood: behavioral and neural correlates
1A33 16-5-2017 cancelled  
1A03 30-05-2017 Jiska  1) Development of multifaceted risk-taking: relations with age and testosterone.2) Connectomics with DTI: some basics and future plans.
5B14 06-06-2017 Suzanne  Donating behavior in adolescence’
5B14 13-6-2017 Margot        Intra-individual variability in response inhibition             performance
5B14 27-6-2017 Iris/Kelly